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KB011 - Can't create booklet publication in Word


An exported Microsoft Word document displays in standard format even though the booklet option was selected in Living Cookbook.


Sometimes Microsoft Word ignores a directive from Living Cookbook during publishing.


  1. Run Living Cookbook 2008.
  2. Select your cookbook in the navigator treeview (on the left).
  3. On the File menu, point to Publish and select Publication Options.
  4. Under "Publishing -> Cookbook -> Recipe" select "Print (cont'd)".
  5. Under "Collation mode" (on the right) select Standard.
  6. Under "Publishing -> Cookbook -> Recipe" select "Print".
  7. Under "Paper" (on the right) select "US Letter" as the paper size.
  8. Under "Printable regions" select "Entire page".
  9. Under "Orientation" select Portrait.
  10. Click OK.
  11. With your cookbook still selected, on the File menu, point to Publish and select Publish to Microsoft Word.
  12. Open the publication in Microsoft Word 2007.
  13. Click the Page Layout tab (ribbon).
  14. Click the Margin dropdown and select Custom Margins.
  15. Under Pages, select "Book fold" from the "Multiple pages" list.
  16. Click OK.


This issue was resolved in Living Cookbook 2011.

Article ID: 11

First Published: 2/23/2010

Last Revision: 11/4/2010