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Step 1: Enter the Living Cookbook License

Enter the Living Cookbook product license that you will be giving as a gift. If you haven't purchased a Living Cookbook license yet, you can get one from the Radium Technologies Store. We recommend that you choose Downloadable as your shipping option since you won't need a CD for your e-gift, just the product license. Shortly after ordering, you will receive the product license in an e-mail titled "Your Order Has Been Shipped".

Living Cookbook license:

Step 2: Choose a Card Style

Choose the graphic that will appear at the top and bottom of the e-gift e-mail.

Step 3: Customize the Card Text

Every aspect of the card is customizable with the exception of the License section which is generated automatically.


Step 4: Preview the Card

Click the Preview button to preview your card. The preview will display below.


Step 5: Create the Card

Once you are satisfied with the card text, click Create Card to create your card. You card will be created on a new page that you can print and then fold. You can click your browser's back button to return to this page.

Tip 1: For best results, print your card on heavier paper - 28lb or more.

Tip 2: Your printer probably doesn't print all the way to the edge of the page. If you don't want a white border around the edges of your card you can trim the edges of your card using a paper cutter or an x-acto knife and a ruler.

Tip 3: Once folded, the card fits into a standard #5 (invitation) envelope.

Tip 4: For best results, use your web browser's page setup settings to hide the printed header and footer.

Need Help?

If you need any help with your e-gift, please feel free to contact us: