Enter your favorite recipes using a simple, easy-to-learn interface. You can enter ingredients, procedures, images, comments, tips, author, source, notes and reciews for any recipe.

Add recipes, ingredients and menus to the meal planning calendar. Living Cookbook automatically calculates the nutrition and cost for every meal and for the entire day. View the calendar by month, week or day.

Determine the calories, fat, carbohydates, vitamins and minerals of any recipe. Nutritional analysis is available for recipes, menus, ingredients, meals and calendar days.

The ingredient database contains more than 6300 ingredients each with detailed USDA nutrition information - everything from calories and saturated fat to magnesium, zinc and caffeine. We have added cost information to the ingredient database so you can now calculate the cost of recipes and grocery lists.

Create shopping lists from recipes, ingredients, even non-food items. Calculate shopping list costs, organize them by grocery aisle, and automatically remove items that you already have.

Export beautifully formatted cookbooks to Microsoft Word. Cookbooks include cover page, table of contents, index and more. Choose from one of the built-in cookbook templates or create your own.

Print recipes onto 3x5 or 4x6 (or any other size) index card using our new publishing module. Use one of the built-in publication templates, create your own or download new ones from our web site.

Copy recipes from web pages and paste them into the Living Cookbook. The software interprets the recipes and stores them in the database.

Record which ingredients you have on hand and Living Cookbook will tell you what you can make.
Export your recipes and e-mail them to your friends - all from within the application. Supported file formats include MasterCook 4.0, MasterCook 6.0, Meal-Master and Pocket Express. With our new LC2 file format you can even include photographs and other images with the exported recipes.

Add notes, cooking tips and reviews to your recipes. Rank your recipes by their ratings.

Scale any recipe to any number of servings. Living Cookbook will automatically choose the best ingredient units for the scaled recipes.

Search for recipes using a wide range of criteria: ingredients, recipe name, recipe type, and more. Search for recipes based on what you have on hand (or don't have on hand).

Quickly and easily convert recipes from US units to metric or from metric to US units.

More than 750 recipes included with the application. Thousands more available from LivingCookbook.com.

Flag your favorites so they are easy to find.

Recipes can be duplicated with a click of the mouse. Ingredients and publications can be cloned in the same way.

Take control of the appearance of your recipes. Choose the information you want to see: nutritional information, recipe ratings and reviews, cooking tips, etc. Choose your favorite fonts, colors, background images, and much more.s

Protect your recipe database by making backup copies. Restoring the database is a quick and easy process. You can even configure Living Cookbook to backup automatically every time you exit the application.

Save links to your favorite cooking web sites in your database.

More than 300 pages of step-by-step help, 250 illustrations and 9 application tutorials. Indexed with full-text search.

Browse the library of cooking techniques, including step-by-step instructions to perform many useful cooking tasks.

Check the spelling of your recipes with a click of the mouse. Customize your dictionary to include your own cooking terms.

Living Cookbook updates are frequent and free! Just download and install the latest version from our web site. Your software and recipes will be upgraded automatically.



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