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Recipe Software with Unrivalled Power and Ease of Use

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  • Manage your recipe collection
  • Plan meals using the meal planning calendar
  • Calculate nutrition for any recipe, menu or meal
  • Create grocery lists organized by grocery aisle
  • Manage your kitchen's inventory
  • Publish and print cookbooks
  • Print on any size paper, including index cards
  • Share your recipes as files or e-mails
  • Import every major recipe file format
  • Copy recipes directly from the Internet
  • Help file with over 500 help topics
  • Online support forum with over 32,000 members

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New in Living Cookbook 2011

Living Cookbook 2011 is the eighth major release of the best-selling recipe management software from Radium Technologies. It includes over 50 major enhancements, many of them suggested by users like you. Click here to see the full list of enhancements in Living Cookbook 2011.

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Radium Technologies has been building home productivity software for more than thirteen years. We are so confident that you will love Living Cookbook that we offer a 30-day free trial and a 60-day money back guarantee. Click here to start your free trial.

Upgrading From a Previous Version of Living Cookbook

You can upgrade to Living Cookbook 2011 from any other version of Living Cookbook. All of your recipes, ingredients and other data will be imported into the new version automatically. Click here to learn more about upgrading Living Cookbook.

Customer Testimonials

Best of the best! This should be the software by which all other recipe software is measured. It's standard Windows-type format makes it a snap to learn, and the options you have with this program are unbelievable, especially for the low price! Cannot recommend too highly!

The best Recipe Software around. I checked out other cookbook software and settled on Living Cookbook. The cost is very reasonable. Have been using for 18 months now & am not disappointed. There are many more features than I need. There are a few improvement I would like to see but there is a good chance that they will be included one day as the program is regularly updated taking account of user's requests. What I most like is that the developer is very responsive. Points raised in the forums (fora?) are almost aways answered in detail within a very short period. More than that it is usually the owner/developer not some customer service person - who knows where - so one can be sure that the answer makes sense.

The best recipe software available. I've used living cookbook for a couple of years and it outperforms every other recipe package I've used. It greatly simplifies capturing ""internet"" recipes. I recommend this software to everyone who cooks. This software is critical to my catering business.

Great and flexible software! This is a great piece of software. I reviewed several before I tried this one, and it is the best. Entering recipes is easy, and the nutritional analysis is great. I especially like how simple multiplying or dividing a recipe is, and the cloning feature makes it easy to set up a base recipe and then create numerous variations without having to enter everything all over again. I would strongly recommend this to anyone who collects recipes, or is watching their nutrition.

Excellent! I love this cookbook and recommend to everyone.

Best one so far. I've collected recipes for over 20 years and this is the best so far. My prior collection was done using Sierras MasterCook Series and while ok, it did not do the job I wanted especially in the printing area. Customer Service in problem solving is supurb. This is the only place that would take an old database and transform it into a compatible database for the upgraded program and in under 24 hours. The upgrade cost for a new disk was only $5.00 incl shipping and handling. I have had this upgrade on this machine for less than 3 days and so far my tests have proved positive.

AWESOME!!! Great program for publishing cookbooks. Have used it for over a year and published 5 cookbooks. Worth much more than the small cost of this software!

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